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if. we. had a crossroads the us gets the man they've been hunting for a decade but the war goes on on terror and the world waits to see what's in store for america's ongoing conflicts. all according to plan and nato hints at a possible transition from air strikes to a ground operation in libya but experts say it was always part of the program. and some russian parents resort to vigilante justice to deal with predatory paedophiles having lost faith in nor enforcement and the legal process.
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international news live from moscow this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day well know that the symbolic reason for the u.s. presence in afghanistan has gone with a fall of bottom up in london the question is whether america is going to stick to its war plan this summer u.s. forces are due to start pulling out but the recent anti terror milestone may prompt the white house to prolong its mission and as artie's marina for now reports a possible u. turn would do little to improve life in the water one country. nine and a half years on the war in afghanistan has grown visibly worse while u.s. rhetoric surrounding it has consistently spun in circles we are making progress there is what was unable to make the progress that we had made i think it's possible that by the end of this year here. since two thousand and three washington
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has repeatedly cleaned it turning points for a conflict that critics call failing quagmire reality is that things are still mean that things are worse than they were this time last year every year to send more troops every year as we spend more money on. the insurgency grows in size karzai as government gets weaker and violence gets worse nearly fifteen hundred u.s. soldiers and ten thousand afghan civilians have been killed in a war costing america two billion dollars per week meanwhile after assassinating the man it's been hunting since two thousand and one the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden i disconnect between what the u.s. says and what the world sees may have deepened a defining moment in the war against al qaeda the war on terrorism decapitated the head of the snake effectively you have this aging sickly old man who really hasn't
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done anything of real political significance for a long time and the great kind of triumph against evil that the western leaders are really kind of starting to trumpets at the moment. before him turned into this kind of symbol of evil following the nine eleven attacks he is actually more a creation of the west than he is you know a real political or kind of terrorist threats in himself u.s. officials branded good lodgings killing as a success and strategic blow to al qaeda but it is going to have i think very important reverberation strong. the area on the other side of network in that area and i think you can see them start eating themselves from within more and more this as some see the u.s. turning and spinning fiction into fact in afghanistan itself it's not going to have that much of a role we're fighting the taliban for the afghan taliban here in afghanistan we're
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not fighting al qaeda you have a new generation of young radicals who have grown up watching these wars over the past ten years that are far more radical than their predecessors osama bin laden claimed responsibility for the nine eleven attacks that killed nearly three thousand people and devastated new york city nearly ten years later his death is being reported as a victory for the u.s. for the work that america waged to get him still struggles to find a conclusion or not partying in new york. when i was the best time for the united states to pull out its troops from afghanistan and rethink its anti terror tactics as katrina vanden heuvel the publisher and editor of the u.s. based magazine the nation. it's an important moment to consider where we go from here and in my view this isn't a moment of opportunity. to end the war in afghanistan to find an expeditious end to this war and begin to do the tough regional international diplomacy as
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required terrorism as an odious tactic you cannot reach war against a tactic intelligent policing intelligence diplomacy counter terrorism i do think we will see a shift and that has celebrated. the counterinsurgency tactics that have been the what general petraeus and others have tried to impose our policies in afghanistan will now take a backseat counterterrorism has worked and i think we see the cost of a land war that even secretary of defense robert gates said it was quite a few weeks ago any advisor who advised presidents to commit to to lend war should have his head examined i think it is a moment to reappraise the national security template in this country which has not made this country safer or more secure. well what will bin laden's death really mean for the stability of the region and for the wider world well that's the question being discussed by host pete a lebanese guest on today's crosstalk that's coming your way less than an hour from
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now. thirty thousand civilians have died in the last ten years in pakistan just from the terror attacks so i don't see this being any in any way a success even though it was osama bin laden's killing will probably generate more and more such attacks and if you look at the kind of success that obama is saying that this could be for a van a sunday and that doesn't make any sense either because somebody laden has been a man on the run he's he's got no operational capabilities not been involved in in battle he's not been involved in any way in the in the liberation war in afghanistan and even i was reading the papers today in pakistan. and the statement by one of the stalks of the afghan taliban saying that they were actually surprised that some of the largest was actually alive up to now.
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the chief al qaeda operative in the north caucasus has been killed by russia's law enforcement a turkish national he's credited with being the international coordinator for the region's terrorist cells and artie's correspondent with the question of is following the developments there for us. i chief al qaeda operative in the region of lockwood has been killed during a special operation led by russian special forces now it is believed that he arrived to rochelle from georgia now he was and mona of the al qaida arabic group that was operating in russia's north caucasus and since two thousand and six he has been the deputy had of the chief al qaida operative in the region in charge of cash flows of funds that paid for terrorist activities in russia now russia's terrorist committee as that the results of this recent open ration will disrupt the connection between the terrorists that are operating here in russia's north
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caucasus with the international terrorist group al qaida and indeed to the killing off of the love which is a part of a major an anti terror operation that was launched in this area but still there is no clear information elsewhere russia's most wanted terrorist might be hiding in russia's north caucasus it was believed earlier that he may have been among the dad in another operation an english sense the blood d.n.a. test found no presence of him and currently a major search operations are underway here in russia's north caucasus. but old russian woman was so affected by recent news events that she started seeing things . you can see what a website or god called the river street where she called the police and told her she had to rent for the foreman of the one of the couple's major metro stations after a period of panic the prediction was proved to be a false alarm also on the website of the moment you see someone in japan walking
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routes with a computer reserve parolees a new invention allows people to experience the sensation of kissing on loan or in that story printed on the stories for l.g. dot com. few. italy will host the next major international meeting on libya leaders from nato and the arab league will gather this thursday to plan the political transition following the departure or the asking of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi and as stalemate grips with culturing a nato spokesman says the use of ground troops may be the only way to move the situation forward. aerial bombardments of libya's reach to bid in according to nato libya's leader colonel gadhafi has died in defensive positions meanwhile civilian casualties from allied bombing continue to mount
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a spokesman review this solution sim did ground troops. the u.n. security council should adopt a new resolution and libya resolution one thousand seven hundred three does not invisible man operations we need a new resolution western forces plonk that's all along says a leading us law professor clearly what we're seeing are unfold here in libya is a pre existing war play out by nato by the british by the french by the americans who would tear everything now is going according to plan which is why i believe that since they have failed to our polls could our fee which is steps are so far the next stage will be moving into a ground invasion powers of jukes the international community into supporting the war and those one all of them protecting civilians was the claim but grabbing the
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country's resources is the real goal this is one of the most the worries and transgressions of rights of nation national sovereignty and international law the we've seen in the post-war period the west the u.s. and france and britain have been called virtually according to the evidence that's leaking out covertly arming the opposition to gadhafi in hopes of grabbing control of the oil and the different parts of libya the libyan government promises hell for nato if it sends in ground troops some agree such a war may be tougher than expected we will see increased. one in the air but also on the ground and maybe this will solve the problem. or nato countries may be. the one who. bombing from thirty thousand feet coalition soldiers feel fairly safe but then she was activists want putting troops on the
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ground risks not just more civilian killing but nato deaths as well and the further away they get from high tech and the nearer they get to low tech and the greater the danger of casualties on both sides turkey china and russia have all criticize the bombardments of libya for minister sergey lavrov thinks nato has already gone far beyond the first u.n. resolution to maintain a no fly zone and hints a second resolution to move in ground troops may not come as easy now several nations feel tricked. if anybody wants to ask for this money it will come to the u.n. security council we will discuss trying to understand what was planned because the aggressions from the money that we're seeing now are enough to learn lessons with international opposition on the rois states some open tosk to make the case for more war britain's prime minister will dealt sending ground troops to libya is defeated sixty three admitted to parliament the planned exactly that but you have
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members good at the number of civilian deaths from nato public a drug like you to welcome the conflict so you got your odd see london. british politician john barron was among those who voted against intervention in libya and he says nato could have done more to resolve the conflict the thaw starting the operation and you can watch more of these interview in under twenty minutes from now but here's a brief preview. this is where the if you like the vagueness of the resolution kicks in because it does talk about enforcing a no fly zone and protecting civilians and using all necessary measures to implement that policy you could theoretically but when the syrian regime pleads attacking. and control center in tripoli is debatable and i think we have got to be very careful before the troops the battle. you've got to make sure you've got moral high ground you've got to make sure that it is the measure of last resort where all
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other avenues of negotiations have been exhausted and i'm not sure we met those criteria when it came to libya as well so i think less and still need to be learned and we're repeating. that interview for you in full in about twenty minutes from now pressure is mounting on the russian parliament to introduce chemical castration for pedophiles activists say the current laws allow criminals to re offend something which has forced desperate parents to hand down their own form of mob justice whether somebody needs. forms of punishment alone will not solve such a complex issue. elaine is a mother of three last summer her four year old daughter was raped was silly learned what happened she found the man responsible and beat him to death. now looking back i can only say that i just wanted to be sure that this animal was banished and would never do such
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a terrible thing he did to my little girl found guilty of murder she spent a year in prison before public pressure saw her released. sadly it is cases not an isolated one in russia in a country where seventy percent of paedophiles are paroled with their beauty jury offend vigilante justice is often used as an eternity to a court of law for all for him lynching is inadmissible but it starts with the state fails if poor mothers and fathers knew that offenders would get fifteen years in prison or more would be castrated before being released would never be released without a satellite tracking chip as in the usa and police in about their every step i'm pretty sure they would not kill them. there have been numerous attempts to toughen the laws on paedophiles in russia in a decade dozens of bills stipulate in chemical castration a life in prison and have been discussed by the state duma but not
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a single one has passed a morgue or paedophiles aren't without support in russia this means some police officers receive money for allowing brother walls and thence to operate members of the court system acquit and criminals when i am not all the talking about the child porn industry there is so much money in so many people involved in this corruption is evil is too hard to fight but some don't give up and fight their own war so he's hiding his face he says the country's peter fires a hand in for him gathering information from east papers and t.v. . he's created an online paedophile database with truffles and photos. in ninety percent of cases child abuse is real and people should know who they are they should know what they look like they should be on alert sergey says in his thirteen years he's been working on the site not a single official has taken any interest in his plight. but they do have progress
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at the databases i just don't want to open a market we did what these should have done sex offenders here are divided into categories from those serving sentences to days have passed away but there are many who are marked as at large i wanted a terrifying thought for parents everywhere. every day seven six two children become victims of paedophiles in russia that means in the two weeks we've been working on this report more than eight hundred kids happen to be four years russian legislators have been talking about protecting children before it's they failed to act even more innocent lives are being. written off an artsy more. well still to come in the program for your tourist cold spots. nobody doubts destroy the natural beauty of your mild all the exotic foreigner that they have here what does this place look like
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a tourist paradise steve well certainly the local authority think so it's like. freezing weather in a remote location of the obstacle for those looking for adventures beyond the arctic circle. well let's check out some other international headlines for you it's only eighteen minutes past the hour the two main palestinian political forces of reach an agreement ending their four year rift amassing fatter and i'll plan for forward joint government following the national election next year the relations with israel was the main sticking point in the talks and that is unwilling to recognize the jewish state while fatah. supports a peaceful process with telhami. a wave of agile sturdy protests portugal as an ounce of this is secured a one hundred sixteen billion dollar financial bailout package from the e.u. after greece and ireland is the third eurozone member to require a financial lifeline to keep its economy afloat exact terms of the deal yet to be finalized but portugal's pm announced that no drastic spending cuts were required
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when the deal is signed it will then have to be approved by donor e.u. nations some of which face tough internal opposition. and the company in charge of the fishing the power plant has released footage from inside the site's most devastated area a video shows the installation of air purifiers that are expected to dramatically decrease radioactivity levels in unit one it allow workers to enter the area and resume their efforts in restoring the cooling systems destroyed by the tsunami earlier to announce that high radioactivity had been detected on the pacific seabed near the stricken plant. a prison camp for hotel an article landscape review of the world's best preserved mammoth grenada. travelled to russia's your knowledge and to find a paradise holiday destination for adrenaline junkies. so far north most of those located beyond arctic circle so remote it takes eight hours to fly here from western europe so in the spirit of all that stalin built his prison camps
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here welcome to russia's new tourist cold spot. it's. nobody there destroyed the natural beauty of your mouth or the exotic foreigner that they have here does this place look like a tourist paradise to you well certainly the local authority thinks so they're hoping to turn emails limitations in third hand pictures extreme tours will give travelers a chance to go where few others have been before. there are plans afoot to rebuild the former prison camp as a memorial of the horrors of the soviet purges and the cold weather means the local museum houses the best preserved namath in the entire world at the moment those who are scared of your model are scared of themselves the tourists we are hoping to see are the ones prepared to go i want to real journey. as the producer of ninety percent of russia's guess is not poor but tourism will help its indigenous peoples
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struggling to make a living from the traditional nomadic reindeer herding lifestyle the locals welcome tourists hungry for experiences and souvenirs. i used to be a nomad of course i miss it but at least this gives me a way to leave and i have so many stories to tell. last year eight thousand foreign visitors braved the mile but rather a furbished airport more routes and a brand new luxury hotel there arriving in greater numbers every day. for me it's the mammoths that make this place unique it's one thing to see it on t.v. but to be here where they roamed died and were later found it's amazing you know. the odds for tourist success here are long but as the world gets smaller people want to go further and there are a few places far away as the mile you go there are no bar to see you marlen and it's cretin. pulitzer prize up to take a moment to be backwards
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a summary of our main news stories we're in about eight minutes from now in the meantime we got all the latest from the world of business with kareena that's author a short break stay with us life here in moscow. wealthy british science. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kyra's report on r.g.p. . and welcome to the business
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here and i t thanks for joining me i'll go straight talk top story banks in russia still suffering from the aftermath of the economic crisis that's according to new stress tests on the taken by the central bank and the event of another way that they can all the time all the banks were found to be on the capitalized and over three hundred really forced out of the market. explains what the results. i think what is the really important at the moment is to see that off the two thousand eight hundred very big number of banks which potentially can be in financial trouble in case of. troubles and i would say the moment of truth banks which will be forced only mon people you hope will the banks to acquire some spooled this is definitely a very deep portion of the banking system and i would say we have seen a lot of the publication of this trust the interbank market rates went slightly off so this is definitely generating some nervousness between banks in terms of the
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cruelty of the counterpart is released and i think this trust is the central bank to be more proactive in controlling monitoring and he's told the banking sector. are the largest car maker after the us has had a strong start to the year the car giant almost doubled sales between january and april compared to the same period last year after losses still benefiting from the successful cash for clunkers program and managed to increase exports by fifty percent within the period. now let's have a look at how the markets are performing this hour what prices continue to drop in the wake of supply days in the u.s. which in to the country could be slowing down now let's take a look at the u.s. stocks that have fallen sharply with the dow industrials telling a triple digit loss energy stock extended slide for a third straight session with the price of crude going back to one hundred ten dollars a barrel it's and mobil and chevron were both down with the latter shedding nearly two percent commodities are also losing european markets printed in the red on
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wednesday pussy and the dax fell one point six percent more majors to the people for the weekly world market under for gas the top loses list of the puts and shedding nine percent the world's largest primary silver producer prisoner of growth of the party. but banks in portugal rallied on news of a bailout deal for the country also shares in b.m.w. rose by more than a percent. the back of strong profit results. and here in russia are two main starting status quo in the red sea the noise extended two percent lower and the r.t.s. share one point three percent looking at some of the individual movers on the my six energy majors a member of my eyes were among the top losers on low commodity prices gas over four percent called the nist report three percent in the red while iraq was almost eight percent. we're almost entering a full on correction mode what we've seen are a few factors driving the markets one commodity prices are falling lower on the
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back of the expected increase in supplies in the u.s. to india has increased. interest rates by more than expected and also the comments coming from china that they're worried about inflation targeting so it's a monetary policy so those two factors together make the second point that the market is now pricing inflation expectations and further tightening and the third point is that we've seen a raft of quite weak economic data coming from specifically coming from the u.s. and the u.s. government is well underway to hitting its pouring limit by early august they need to roll over half the loans taken during the crisis at least the country's fiscal stability in serious doubt economics nobel laureate fen killen warns that the spiraling budget debt problem could bring about the end of the u.s. is not i prophesy. the main concern i have. is the size of the debt that the government of the united states has accumulated. and i would be
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worried. many businesses who will be instrumental for the growth of the united states in the next. ten or twenty years that they. worry all of the capital owners that they will be worried that they are the ones who will have to pay for all of this government debt in which case they will be less reluctant to invest in future productive capacity innovations and so on and if that happens. someone some other part of the world could take over again money. that's the latest we have of the south on the back of knowing about distance .
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a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and doomed to suffer accidentally the man. who was the first
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but probably not the last military uses of this weapon. many more will me come back show them a common get on in the future. if. he used to. come. to these. six. worlds thank you for bringing you the latest in science and technology from around .


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